Summer UI/UX Internship @Labbrand

Client: Starbucks, Maxi-Cosi, ETRO, Logitech, Restoria

Jun. 2018 - Aug. 2018

Project Overview

In the summer of 2018, I interned as a UX/UI designer at Labbrand, a global Brand Consultancy. I was in Labbrand’s digital department Madjor which helps clients build great digital brand experience by providing services like UX research, digital brand experience design, etc.


During my 10-week internship, I worked with PMs, engineers, UI designers and creative directors in Madjor team and participated in several projects including web and mobile design, UX assessment and graphic design.

My Contributions

I mainly participated in 3 design projects to help clients design/redesign their website, e-store, backend system, etc. 1 campaign project to help Starbucks China in launching delivery service and did ideation and design for H5 games and UX assessment for their Chinese app’s new delivery feature.


We were helping Maxi-Cosi redesign its digital brand experience by creating a new official website, a better Amazon e-store and set design guidelines for its Chinese Tmall (Taobao) e-store. My main contributions are iterative design (web & mobile), doing researches and benchmarking for new design guidelines building. 

Group 9.png

Since the new website hasn't been launched. Here I can only provide a blurred image of my work.

Starbucks China

We helped Starbucks China with delivery service launching campaign in China and provided improvement suggestions for the new delivery feature of its Chinese app when it was under construction. My main contributions including ideation, several H5 games prototyping, UX assessment for the delivery feature on its Chinese app and survey design for initial research.

Group 7.png

Some campaign ideas and flow design.


When I joined the team, we were almost at the wrapping up stage of this website redesign project. So I only worked on a few designs and cleaned the design files, wrapped up design materials for handing to developers. New design has been launched:

Group 8.png


Group 10.png


Due to the time limitation of a summer internship, unlike just working on one project, I took part in projects in different phases. For design projects just started, I learned how to do market benchmarking and how to set up design guidelines based on the brand book. In the middle stage, I got to know how to iterate the design, collaborate with project manager and other designers. For a closing project, I learned how to clean the design file for development, and how to present our ideas through decks and presentations.