HI! I'm Yezhi deng

I am a User Experience Designer with a background in HCI and Information Science

Currently working at Walmart, designing for Walmart store associates in the US

Password upon request


The in-store communication solution for 1.2 million Walmart store associates

Walmart Design, Sep 20' - Now 

Walmart teams

Designing for Walmart's new store operating model - the new teaming structure

Walmart Design, Feb 21' - May 21'

Activity management planner

Walmart enterprise tool that allows home office users create and assign tasks to stores

Walmart Design, Aug 19' - Feb 20'


Reduce young adults' phone usage before sleep and have a good night

UX course project - design for behavior change

HathiTrust Digital Library

Reshaping HathiTrust Digital Library website's user experience

Internship project, Oct 18' - Apr 19'


Improve spoken English by getting the most of daily conversations with native speakers

Capstone project - UX research & design

Data Viz & Front-end

Several coding projects I've made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Coding projects

VR Kitchen for Kids

VR Physical & Digital Prototype Design | A-frame, Ottifox, Plato

VR/AR design course project

UI & Graphic Design

My UI & graphic design collection

Visual design